“I started Fit To You several months ago. I have stage 4 arthritis and it was important to me to have someone personalize a workout for me based on my limitations, but I also wanted it to be effective. This criteria was met with enthusiasm, concern and great professionalism. I am continuing with this program because it meets my needs, but more than that it has been effective in my regaining strength and mobility without pain or further injury. The best part is that it is done in my home, on my schedule, which goes a long way in motivation and consistency. There are no excuses when the trainer is coming to you!!! Thank you “Fit To You” for giving back to me quality of life!”

J.K. Hill, age 59 – Phoenix, AZ

“Being a paraplegic and finding myself confined to a bed after surgery, I was afraid of losing my upper body strength. but thanks to my Fit To You trainer coming to me, I have been able to regain and increase my strength in just a matter of weeks. The program that was put together for me was exactly what I needed.”

P.L. Downs, age 62 – Phoenix, AZ

“Fit to You has been very instrumental in helping me maintain and improve on my active life style.  I train for half marathons and play golf, and Fit To You has identified the muscle groups I need to work on to improve my performance and stay injury free.  My core muscles have greatly improved since I started my sessions with Fit To You.  Due to my busy schedule, Fit To You has been very accommodating to schedule my sessions at my various training locations.  Fit To You has gone out of their way to ensure I get the proper training I need to maintain my active life style.”

R. G. Pena, age 62 – Chandler, AZ

“Robin, from Fit To You, has been a wonderful personal trainer for me.  She listened to my needs and addressed all of them.  She motivated me without  pushing me too hard (as I do not like boot camp style workouts) nor causing me any injuries (which I had been prone to).  She made sure that my workouts were challenging enough at each session by adding to their intensity as needed so that I benefit from them.  The evidence of Robin’s excellent work is that I feel stronger and more toned since I started working out with her, which were my goals that I had discussed with her at our initial assessment session.  I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.  Thanks Robin!  Looking forward to our next workout session…”

R. Georges, age 32 – Chandler, AZ